As the site has been developed and there are many more. After the site has been developed, we begin the web maintenance process. Our team goes about understanding the likings and the business model of the client. This allows us to think of new features that could be added to the website to increase the number of visitors. We then discuss these ideas with our clients and a brainstorming session follows. We then implement these changes to the website. This increases the number of hits to the website and supports the marketing drive. Often a client have a website already developed by some other vendor. However, due to some or the other reasons, they wish to change the service provider. They therefore contact us to incorporate certain changes or bring about enhancements to their website. We put such tasks under ‘Website Maintenance’. Initially we invest our time to understand how the site is developed and around what business model it involves. Once we have ascertained this, it enters the regular process of website maintenance.

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